Precision medicine can provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, improving outcomes, and eventually leading to lower healthcare costs. It can deliver on the promise of tomorrow’s therapies today.

Quest Diagnostics Companion Diagnostics supports you through all phases of precision medicine, from assay development to commercial launch and post-launch analytic capabilities. Our breadth of experience and expertise offers pharmaceutical organizations an unparalleled opportunity to target new therapies to the right patient population. We leverage powerful insights, reliable data, efficient diagnostics, and rapid results to help accelerate the time to market. Together, we can develop the precise testing and therapies that can provide new hope to patients and their families.

The power
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of insured US lives*

2 Billion

patient encounters*

47 Billion

test results*


patient service
centers across the US*

*As of January 2019

Together we can drive the shift from the traditional “one size fits all” approach to a patient-centric care model that improves outcomes and can reduce costs.

Creating comprehensive solutions together

We can collaborate with you to create a comprehensive solution—from idea to launch of a companion diagnostic, or a targeted therapy test to target your drug to the right patient population.

End-to-end services

Our breadth of experience from invitro diagnostics (IVD) development to commercial launch will help you with market access strategies and more.

  • Proof of concept and validation
  • Regulatory strategy, application development and submission
  • We work with all IVD manufacturers to provide the latest technology platforms.
Pre-launch medical communications and proficiency pairing

Quest helps you to maximize product value while understanding the competitive landscape prior to launch.

  • Regulatory strategy, application development and submission
  • Demonstrate cost-effectiveness to/negotiate with payers
  • Determine pricing and reimbursement strategies
  • Assess competitor launch
  • Develop strategy for patent expiration and generic introduction
Clinical trial wrap-around services

We offer a central lab model that can help improve your data management and analytics.

We offer our customers Q2 Solutions, a joint venture between IQVIA and Quest Diagnostics. Q2 solutions is the world’s second largest clinical laboratory services provider and helped develop 50% of all FDA-approved oncology precision medicine drugs since 2014.

Commercial testing

Quest offers a breadth of experience in commercial launch from commercial diagnostic testing services to market analytics capabilities. We work with all IVD manufacturers to provide the latest technology platforms and data analytics that guide and refine commercialization.

  • Upfront analytics to understand real world utilization and access
  • Operational and logistics of testing services to reach US population
  • Commercial programs to appropriately drive testing demand
  • Back-end analytics to monitor success of the program and proactively identify roadblocks
Assay development, validation and scale-up


  • More than 3,000 assays performed across the organization for more than 20 years
  • Access to one of the broadest test menus in the industry including novel and proprietary assays
  • Assay target modulation
  • Extensive menu of tissue-based and flow cytometric assays
  • De Novo assay development
  • Assay customization


  • Biomarker research and development
  • Technology transfers
  • Novel biomarkers
  • Study-specific batch testing


  • Assay commercialization
  • Laboratory developed test
  • IVD strategy
  • High-volume real-time testing

More than just a lab, Quest Diagnostics shares your commitment to deliver the innovations and solutions in precision medicine that inspire better health.

Extensive healthcare expertise

You can count on our medical expertise to help you deliver the innovations and solutions in precision medicine that inspire better health. Our core competencies include technical, medical, and scientific knowledge, across medical subspecialties, to give you insights and access to the data and expertise you want and need.

A broad and experienced team of pathologists and medical directors across medical subspecialty and technology areas


MDs, PhDs, and healthcare professionals


Genetic counselors

Quest offers analytics that bring precision medicine to life

Quest Diagnostic’s highly specific diagnostic tests can help to avoid unnecessary follow-up testing and allow more accurate interpretation of depth of response to treatment.

Quest Diagnostic’s highly specific diagnostic tests can help to avoid unnecessary follow-up testing and allow more accurate interpretation of depth of response to treatment.

We have several successful ongoing projects with major pharmaceutical companies. Some of our work includes:

  • A new class of drugs, such as “checkpoint inhibitors,” which were recently approved by the FDA
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Personalized medicine

We also offer molecular testing to understand mutation status of diseases like Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Collaborative relationships deliver better results

Our breadth of experience offers you a strong, reliable resource as you develop promising new drugs for tomorrow:

  • Actionable insights: more than 40 billion patient interactions
  • Strategic alliances: sophisticated, de-identified data allows linkage to data sets from IQVIA, Symphony Health, HealthVerity, and Management Science Associates
  • Identification of patient health risks through genetic and molecular information

Quest delivers the innovations and solutions in precision medicine that inspire better health.

  • Broad test menu of 3,500 tests
  • Companion diagnostics (CDX)
  • Complementary and pharmacogenomic diagnostics
  • Insights across a variety of health conditions from the routine to the complex
  • Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) panel
  • Multiplexed immunohistochemistry (mIHC)
We have established relationships and a strong history of collaboration with leading academic institutions such as UCSF, industry leaders including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and IBM Watson to advance precision medicine.

End-to-end support with data, analytics, and insight

Count on Quest Diagnostics to work with you to uncover valuable insights that can make a difference. Quest Diagnostics can help you accelerate the time to market for new therapies. Our programs help you formulate clinical panels and understand results clearly and accurately.

In addition to our Companion Diagnostics and Quest Advanced services for pharmaceutical organizations, Quest also supports pre- and post-marketing for new therapeutics, and clinical trial recruitment and site selection.

Clinical insights

Clear clinical insights

Quest Diagnostics Clinical Insights combines a proven process based on years of experience, and a comprehensive collection of clinical data, to provide you with a clear picture of clinical conditions, patient behavior, physician treatment approaches, and intervention opportunities.

Using Quest Diagnostics clinical data, combined with third-party, client, and other nationally relevant databases, our medical experts and data scientists illuminate insights that can help you make informed decisions as you create and market new, effective disease interventions. Our consultative approach is driven by a collaborative, data-driven analysis that delivers actionable results.

Clinical Trials Connect

Quest Diagnostics assists with the formation of patient panels that are applicable for each clinical trial. Your clinical program demands the scientific and medical expertise, laboratory excellence, and global reach that only we can provide:

  • 900 in-house MDs and PhDs across the organization
  • 3 million+ tests performed each year for clinical trials
  • Supported more than 24,000 investigators worldwide
Global Diagnostics Network

Global Diagnostics Network is a working group of diagnostic laboratories led by Quest. Through GDN, Quest makes it easier for pharmaceutical clients to obtain worldwide distribution of tests with consistent levels of quality, country-specific regulatory compliance, and integrated data capture and analysis.

Let’s connect

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